About Typing Test Practice

Typing Test Practice is a simple and convenient online typing tutor for everybody who wants to improve typing speed. With typingtestpractice.com you can free typing lessons up to 30 minutes a day because it will teach you to type much faster.

Play game and learn touch typing

Games are loved by adults and children. That’s why we has come up with a way to make typing lessons even more interesting and effective learn touch typing! In a game mode, users are twice as likely to return to lessons as in regular training, and go through more exercises.

Typing lessons

Tping Test Practice is an excellent typing tutor for both children and adults. And it's really good! Interesting lessons,Are you a programmer? Or maybe a writer, copywriter or secretary? Or are you a translator, teacher, blogger? Or maybe you are studying in school or university? So it doesn't matter! Everyone who works with a computer can improve typing skills with typingtestpractice.com.